Prenatal care
From the very beginning of your pregnancy you can be accompanied by a midwife. She performs the antenatal check-ups according to maternity guidelines.
In a low risk pregnancy, checkups occur initially at four-week intervals, followed then by fortnightly checkups. Examinations can also be carried out in alternation with the gynecologist.
Your midwife helps you monitor your pregnancy and strengthen your body in preparation for the safe delivery of your baby.

Midwife tasks include:

  • Determination of pregnancy
  • Maternity card issue
  • Certificate for the employer
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Urine test
  • Blood test
  • Determination of foetal position in the womb
  • Monitoring of heart beat
  • Assessment of the course of pregnancy

Advice and help with pregnancy related problems
The midwife advises you in regards to nutrition and lifestyle. She also helps with pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, premature labour, heartburn, sciatica or anxiety.

Check-ups, counselling and help are services of the public health insurance.