Home visit during postnatal stage

You are entitled to midwifery care after the birth. Your midwife visits you regularly during the first 12 weeks after birth and accompanies you and your family on the path to becoming a parent. Up to two visits per day are possible during the first ten days, followed by up to 16 visits or telephone consultations.

Postnatal care:

  • Lactation consultancy
  • Baby care and baby handling
  • Advice on baby sleep
  • Help with adaptation problems of the infant
  • Blood sample for metabolic test
  • Observation of neonatal jaundice
  • Support of mother’s recovery and healing after birth
  • Support in the process of becoming a parent
  • Promote parent-child bonding
  • If necessary, information on further help available

Please register early - preferably during pregnancy - for postnatal care. After giving birth, it can be difficult to find a midwife to take care of you at short notice.